Sunday, December 13, 2009


salam everyone.
finally! a real online boutique. hehe.

well, a brief introduction about this blog owners.
we are malaysian students who're currently studying in Surabaya.
as our previous 'bisnes kecil-kecilan' went quite well (thanks to da customers!),
we have no more excuse to stop doing it.
we take photos of kebaya+kurung from surabaya,
you can choose and we'll get it for u,
with the cheapest price and good quality. =)

and we are offering free postage for each and every item if you are willing to wait until we go back to Malaysia (during our semester breaks)

p/s : shipping/posting directly from surabaya is quite expensive.

we have some good news!
we are going back this january. =)
so you can shop til you drop without worrying about the postage fees.
no matter how much you order,the postage is soo f.o.c =)

and we will give u discounts if u order 3 or more items.
with FREE POSTAGE,still

so what are you waiting for?
happy shopping! =)

any question u can simple email us at
or ym : silverose_queen

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